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What is Science LIVE? 

Science LIVE is a monthly subscription service. You will receive a box filled with materials needed to complete at least four experiments. Each week, an instructor will conduct the experiment live! Students have the option to follow along at home and draw their own conclusions through the scientific process. Science LIVE combines learning with play to encourage students to pursue STEAM fields in the future. 


Current Science Kits Focus on Entertainment, Not Learning. 

Science Live maintains the interactive and fun characteristics of current science kits. However, we combine the scientific process into our activities. Through our pre-labs, students will make predictions, evaluate different trials, and finally draw their own conclusions alongside our live instructors. Labs each week will build on previous concepts allowing for an in-depth understanding of concepts. 

Do I Need to Tune in Live to Finish Experiments? 

The short answer is nope! Your kit will come with all the instructions needed to complete the activities independent of the live sessions. Additionally, all Science LIVE sessions will be recorded and published so you can watch them later! We highly encourage all students to tune in live or watch the recorded sessions since it will help with the learning process! 



How much will a Science LIVE Subscription Cost?

When we release, our target price is $30/month. However, this price will go down if we have a greater volume of orders- so be sure to tell your friends!

What is the process of Science LIVE Activities?

Before the first monday of each month you will recieve a box filled with materials needed to complete science experiments for the next four weeks. Each Friday, a live instructor will walk students through the process of conducing the experiment while explaining the scientific conepts. However, before the experiment, students are encouraged to complete the included pre-lab activities included that introrduce concepts and ideas that will be discussed during the live session.

Will the lessons actually be live?

Yes! Every Friday a live instructor will guide students through the lab in real time. However, due to volume of students utlizing this product, you won't be able to unmute to ask questions. If you have trouble with the labs you can always email stemzeducation@outlook.com

Which ages can use the Science LIVE curriculum?

We reccomend students between the age 5 to 12. However, students who are younger might require more parent involvement than older students.

How is Science LIVE different from other subscription science boxes?

Science LIVE is a comprehensive learning tool- not just entertainment. Unlike current subscription boxes, Science LIVE combines fun with learning. By utilizing the scientific process, pre-lab exercises, live instruction. and post-lab experiments, Science LIVE actually helps your student learn! Science LIVE experiments are designed to be activities students can engage with throughout the week instead of a single hour-long activity.

Is shipping free?

Yes! For all multi-month subscriptions, shipping is free!

What types of experiments and labs will be included in the box?

You can expect to have at least four distinct experiments in the box. However, each experiment may have sub-experiments that dive deeper into topics. For example, in the first week, students will conduct the "penny lab." The penny lab counts as a single lab but contains three activities relating to surface tension, oxidation, and reactions of different materials used to produce pennies.

Is everything needed included in the box?

We do our best to include everything needed to complete labs in the box. However, certain items such as common household liquids (ex. Vinigar) may not be included due to weight and shipping restrictions. We will always provide a one week notice to parents if there are any materials that are not included in the box.