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The goal of STEMZ Education is to further the reach of STEM knowledge and help students expand their boundaries. This is why our hourly rate is an affordable $20.00 per session. Our high school mentors are all accomplished students who have a vast degree of knowledge in their fields.


Mentors are available both virtually and in-person. Contact Us for more information.


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Jakob Bjorner

image - Jakob Bjorner.jpg

Student at Georgia Tech

Engineering | Computer Science | Mathematics

There is a lot you can do if you just work hard at it. This is something that I would champion as your mentor, and I could work with keeping students on track and ready for their competition day. With my experiences and success in competitions such as TSA I can work with keeping people on track and ready for their competition day. With my previous victory at TSA nationals for structural engineering and design I can show you just how much dedication is needed.

Azhan Zaheer 

pfp - Highzahawk.jpg

 Senior at Tesla STEM High School

FRC Robotics | Python | Java | C# | Computer Science 

I'm an incoming Junior at Tesla Stem High School and am very passionate about computer science and engineering. My interest in these subjects has led me to join FRC Team 7461, create games, compete in competitions, etc. I am well versed in the subject of technology and believe that the ability to work with technology is a skill that all students should learn to be prepared for the future.

Diya Basu 

E6336FD1-F63A-4EDC-83FC-D15100FDEB15 - D

Student at University of San Diego

HOSA | FBLA | Computer Science | Biomedical Engineering

I am a current junior in high school, pursuing my interests in biomedical engineering and mentoring! I've had 3 years of experience in the Health Occupations Students of America Club (HOSA), where I've won 3rd place at the Washington State Competition and advanced on to the International Leadership Conference. In addition, I’ve participated in clubs like FBLA, Girls Who Code, and more. My current focuses are on biology and computer science, wherein I’ve tutored and mentored many students.

Joshita Aleti

IMG_5477 (1) - Joshita Aleti.jpg

Student at Purdue University

Engineering | Mathematics | Computer-Aided Design (CAD)

As a former member of FTC team, 10411, and FRC teams, 997 and 2471, the views and skills I developed have shaped me into who I am now. Being a member of those teams has taught me to take initiative and responsibility, cooperate under circumstances and to be open-minded. I believe these skills are fundamental to a student’s growth. With experience at hand, I have tutored students at Camas High and middle school students in all divisions of math up to Pre-Calculus.

Arnav Sacheti

Arnav Passport Photo - Arni Barni.jpg

Student at Worchester Polytechnic Institute

FLL | VEX Robotics | Computer Science

Programming has been a passion of mine since I was first introduced to robotics in middle school. It started with me getting my cousin's NXT. Surpassed with the opportunity to take robotics at school and gaining experience with VEX. This was also the time at which I was introduced to Arduino, a programmable microcomputer, allowing me to build a mini security hub. I have continued expanding my knowledge and gained experience with numerous robotics challenges. I look forward to passing on everything I have learned! 

Tony Li

IMG_0977 - Tony Li.JPG

Student at University of Washington

Computer Science | Mathematics | Robotics 

I am very passionate in Computer Science, math, and robotics. In 2018, I was selected as 1 of the 26 nationalists for the USACO competition (National CS competition for high school students). I have also received distinctions in many math competitions (ex. AMC 10 Honor Roll). I am currently enrolled in AP Calculus AB. I look forward to spark an interest in STEM fields in the younger generation students. 

Aryo Karai

Profile Picture - Aryo Karai.png

Student at University of Chicago

Mathematics | AMC | MUN | English Language Arts

I am  interested in mathematics, writing, and philosophy. Since 2014, I have participated in the American Mathematics Competition, for which I won first place in my grade in 2015. I also participated in MUN; three months ago, I won a position paper award at PACMUN. I am well-versed in all levels of mathematics up to and including AP Calculus AB, and I not only score well in but also enjoy writing both creative tales and non-fictional works. More abstractly, I find that I have a knack for taking seemingly complex problems, not necessarily mathematical ones, and breaking them down into more understandable elements.

Sarthak Gupta

F67EF46F-5853-4ECC-A0C6-A4F7A178772A - C

Student at University of Texas- Austin

Basketball | Biology | Robotics | VEX IQ | Engineering

I love to compete in various competitions and my strong suit is biology. I especially enjoy engineering and have taken part in countless competitions ranging from FLL/FTC to VEX. I also enjoy playing basketball and have been coaching a 4th and 5th grade boys basketball team for 2 years now.

Aditi Subramanyam 


Student at University of Washington

Healthcare | Biology | Dance Choreography

I have always had a strong interest in medicine, and have participated in HOSA throughout high school as well as completed a summer program in compassionate healthcare where I worked with a patient. I also have a strong passion for dance and have been learning since the age of 5. I have learned both Bharatanatyam and Bollywood styles and performed at many events and competitions. I have been choreographing and teaching for several years and I hope to spread the art to the younger generation.

Sameera Balijepalli

IMG_4713 - Sameera Balijepalli.jpg

Student at Cal Poly- San Luis Obispo

HOSA | Graphic Design | Tennis | Piano 

Communication, leadership, flexibility, teamwork, and perfection are my greatest strengths. Last year was my first year as a part of HOSA. I participated in an event named Medical Innovation - Original. We placed 3rd at the state level and then progressed onto the national/international conference. Key club is platform used to provide opportunities to help serve the community – currently I have over 60+ hours. I also have teaching experience through coaching tennis and tutoring math/English for my neighborhood kids.

Bhavik Thati 

IMG-20190204-WA0004[3478] - Bhavik Thati

Senior at Skyline High School

Destination Imagination | DECA | Robotics

Hi my name is Bhavik Thati. I am a sophomore at Skyline High School. I am currently participating in a variety of completions such as robotics, rocketry and DECA. In the past I have participated in Destination Imagination and have been to nationals. Currently I am going to State with my DECA paper, and nationals with my robotics team. I would be glad to help everyone in planning, designing and creating their projects. 

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